A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

As it turns out, mercifully, all I had to do was make dessert for the Thanksgiving holiday this year. So, instead of giving you a lot to read – everyone’s time is short around the holidays it seems – I hope the pictures (along with some witty and helpful captions) will speak for themselves.

Pink Lady Apple Galette The ladies getting ready for action. I ended up using the peeled ones. Pâte brisée dough topped with a mixture of sugar, brown sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, fresh ground nutmeg and a dash of salt. I think I added some allspice as well. And maybe ground cloves. I forget. Anyway, it’s up to you – add any spices you want!Layer the apple slices over the dough, brush them with melted butter, sprinkle some sugar on top and fold the dough over the apples. I’m giving myself some props on that design, but next year I think a turkey design is in the cards. Yes? No?Bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes, and, voila! The French answer to good, old-fashioned American pie. (What? We shouldn’t include the French in our Thanksgiving celebration? Now that’s not nice. We have much for which to thank the French…when it comes to dessert, anyway.)

Pecan Pie, Anyone?
Correction, all-American pecan pie straight out of the Joy of Cooking cookbook. It doesn’t get any easier or classic than that, people. (Okay, fine, if you are from the South, you might take offense to this statement, but I don’t have a grandmother’s grandmother’s recipe, so Joy of Cooking it is.)

Last, but not least…Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake. Bourbon. Pumpkin. Cheesecake. Really, need I say more?

Wait, one last thing.