Hello, you.

My name is Rachel Vecchio. I’m guessing you don’t want my life’s story, but since you clicked on the About link, you must be interested to know a little bit about me and why I’ve created Sugar Talk.

I currently split my time between Arlington, Virginia and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. After getting a master’s degree from Indiana University, I moved to the Washington, D.C.-area with the intention of staying for only a year to complete an internship. That was in 1992. I’m still here. Since that internship, I’ve held a variety of occupations. The last 14 years I’ve worked in technology, primarily in the internet, as a project manager and independent consultant. Feeling a bit burned out after 14 years in this field, I left my consulting gig at the end of May 2011 to take off some time, catch up on life and pursue some personal interests.

One of those personal interests is food. I have a passion for almost everything food-related. Cooking, eating, discovering new restaurants, reading food magazines, buying cookbooks, reading cookbooks, gardening, you name it. In fact, I’ve been known to organize whole vacations around where my husband, Todd, and I will eat.

I’ve spent many years learning on my own how to cook, but I have generally avoided baking. Too technical, too specific, no room to correct on-the-fly a wayward recipe. Okay, sure, I’ve baked the occasional pie (using store-bought dough) or cookies or crisps – easy things. Now, I want to expand and round out my skill set by. What better way to do this than through a professional cooking school’s intensive pastry course that covers the fundamentals (primarily French since they pretty much created and perfected the art of pastry)? I’ve known about L’Academie de Cuisine’s Pastry Techniques 101 course for more than a year now, but either my schedule couldn’t fit it in or, let’s face it, I wasn’t ready. My schedule became wide open, so I couldn’t use that as an excuse anymore. It was time to take the plunge!

Thus was born Sugar Talk…my experience learning the world of baking and pastry through a 20-week pastry course. What will happen during and after these 20 weeks? I guess we’re about to find out.

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    • Hey you! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you biz has been going. Hope all is well. Your timing is impeccable…started working on a post yesterday and hope to have something out within the next day or two. Thanks for the motivation and stay tuned!

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