Coming Soon

July 16, 2012.

Hello, friends. It’s been quite some time since I’ve last posted, hasn’t it? I hope you’re having a happy summer. Between gardening, trying to keep up with watering during this awful heat and dryness, some travel and miscellaneous summer projects, there hasn’t been much extra time for writing. Things seem to have slowed down a bit now, though, and I’m looking forward to posting more frequently.

While I haven’t been posting, I’ve at least still been thinking about what I’d like to post. To that end, I’d like to introduce two new “columns” that will be showing up regularly on Sugar Talk: “In Season” and “Look What I’ve Found.” In Season is fairly self-explanatory: this post will profile produce that’s in season (at least in the Mid-Atlantic) and how I’m baking with it, seasonal recipes I’ve come across and so on. It seems only fitting as we enter into summer’s full, glorious bounty of fruits and vegetables.

In addition, I’d like to introduce “Look What I’ve Found.” Although I like to believe I have pithy thoughts to share and you’ve been enjoying my baking adventures, I think it’s interesting and insightful to hear and read about what others are thinking and doing. Look What I’ve Found will be a monthly collection of links to articles, blogs, recipes and websites that I think you might also enjoy. I’ll do the research, web surfing, article combing and so on, so you can take a break. All you have to do is wait for the information to be summarized and provided to you each month. How’s that for a good deal?

Stay tuned.

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