Getting Started

Ostensibly, this blog is an attempt to document my foray into the world of pastry through a 20-week pastry techniques course at a professional cooking school. I suspect, though, at times it may include musings and observations on my life at some particular moment. Wait. The course is only 20-weeks long so I guess I will need to find something else to discuss. I’ll cross that bridge then.

I’ve never blogged before and have almost no understanding of the blogosphere other than a few blogs that I read now and then. Finding an available AND appropriate blog name consumed most of a perfectly good afternoon (I’m still not sure I came up with a good one). Learning how to use this blog platform is proving to be challenging. These things aside, I’m looking forward to the challenge…sorely needed brain food and a chance to hone my writing skills. And the challenge of blogging aside – let’s face it – I’ll be writing about learning the world of pastry!  What’s not to like about that?

So, Godspeed to me, and patience to you dear reader!

4 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. I love the blog name you’ve chosen and I’ll be following you closely since I share your fear of baking despite loving to cook. You can be MY instructor!

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